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Russia Poison Proof Principle

Theresa May's claim that Russia attempted murder on British soil has whipped up fervent patriotism. But we are losing sight of two important issues, the question of proof and quality of May's punishment.

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Disenfranchising The Black & Vulnerable Vote

Black women earned my right to vote in beatings and blood. Now the Tories are erecting barriers that likely stop the Black vote. It will also prevent other vulnerable groups voting. The Tories, on the sly behind the furore of Brexit, are introducing photographic voter ID.

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Trump’s Obliterating Black Legacy

It’s Black History Month in America. And as Black People fight for Black History to be recognised, Trump is trying to obliterate a Black legacy. Barack Obama. The Obama’s are a thorn in the side of Trump and all those with a reductionist view of Black people. A view based upon invented stereotypes of angry… Continue reading Trump’s Obliterating Black Legacy