Looking for a cosy mystery…

If you are looking for a cosy mystery, it does not get better than Mattie Winston my latest review.


Brussel’s Attack – Fear, Blame and Offensive Behaviour

The terrorist attacks in Brussels frightened people across Europe.  In reality, one is more likely to be killed by a bee sting in the UK than be murdered by a terror attack.  When people are scared, positive leadership is needed, especially in times of terrorism or war.  Unfortunately, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has run… Continue reading Brussel’s Attack – Fear, Blame and Offensive Behaviour


George Galloway London Mayoral Candidate 2016

Galaxy Radio has invited the Mayoral candidates to the studio. Being Mayor is a job that some see as requiring a big personality.  The first candidate to be interviewed was the Respect candidate, George Galloway, who is certainly a big personality, love him or hate him.  George undoubtedly has an understanding of grass root issues. … Continue reading George Galloway London Mayoral Candidate 2016

Art and Culture

Trousers and Skirts – Deconstructing Gender

I came across offensive comments about 17-year old Jaden Smith because he wore a skirt earlier this year for a fashion house.  Similarly, when a mother appeared in an advert painting her son’s toenails his favourite colour pink, it was considered to be ‘Psychological sterilisation’ by psychiatrist Keith Ablow.  Society knows the rules for gender;… Continue reading Trousers and Skirts – Deconstructing Gender