Looking for a cosy mystery…

If you are looking for a cosy mystery, it does not get better than Mattie Winston my latest review.


Gods gracious gift

  This is just life, how I see it now, do sunsets mean hope or despair, in the darkest of night or depth of winter, there's no longer an invincible summer, that was once there, this is just love how I feel it now, recognised in only absence and fear, in the brightest of days… Continue reading Gods gracious gift


Brussel’s Attack – Fear, Blame and Offensive Behaviour

The terrorist attacks in Brussels frightened people across Europe.  In reality, one is more likely to be killed by a bee sting in the UK than be murdered by a terror attack.  When people are scared, positive leadership is needed, especially in times of terrorism or war.  Unfortunately, David Cameron, the Prime Minister, has run… Continue reading Brussel’s Attack – Fear, Blame and Offensive Behaviour


George Galloway London Mayoral Candidate 2016

Galaxy Radio has invited the Mayoral candidates to the studio. Being Mayor is a job that some see as requiring a big personality.  The first candidate to be interviewed was the Respect candidate, George Galloway, who is certainly a big personality, love him or hate him.  George undoubtedly has an understanding of grass root issues. … Continue reading George Galloway London Mayoral Candidate 2016

Art and Culture

Trousers and Skirts – Deconstructing Gender

I came across offensive comments about 17-year old Jaden Smith because he wore a skirt earlier this year for a fashion house.  Similarly, when a mother appeared in an advert painting her son’s toenails his favourite colour pink, it was considered to be ‘Psychological sterilisation’ by psychiatrist Keith Ablow.  Society knows the rules for gender;… Continue reading Trousers and Skirts – Deconstructing Gender