The Mothers – Sage Sanguine Spectacular

The Mothers, a 'dazzling debut novel' from Brit Bennett is a sage, sanguine, and spectacular story. It is spectacular because Bennett's portrayal of how hurt reverberates through communities is so tangible and so very relatable. Also because sadly, so few books are about middle-class black people. The Mothers is a 288 page-turner that poses the… Continue reading The Mothers – Sage Sanguine Spectacular

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Far More In Common Than Separates Us

Human beings commit atrocities on each other because of sex, race, and religion. Despite this, we have far more in common than separates us. Two schoolgirls, one Muslim and one Jewish (below) are proof of this. Four years ago today, London welcomed the world for the Olympic Games. The central message of the opening games… Continue reading Far More In Common Than Separates Us

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Too Many Big Buts In Politics

There are too many dissemblers (Two-faced people) leading British politics. I appreciate that politics must involve compromise but not bare faced hypocrisy. Andrea Leadsom said that she did not want to make Theresa May’s childlessness an issue. She said ‘That would be really horrible, but genuinely I feel that being a mum means…’ There’s that… Continue reading Too Many Big Buts In Politics

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Beyoncé Choking On Lemonade 2

The Beyhive, the fans of Beyoncé, say Lemonade is ‘Beyoncé’s evolution as an intersectional feminist and her identifying with blackness and Civil Rights.  So Bey is ‘woke’. She has come a long way from saying ‘It is not about colour or race.’ Or has she?  I say Beyoncé, is the zeitgeist princess of pop, for… Continue reading Beyoncé Choking On Lemonade 2