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Too Many Big Buts In Politics

Too Many Big Buts In Politics 1 |

There are too many dissemblers (Two-faced people) leading British politics. I appreciate that politics must involve compromise but not bare faced hypocrisy. Andrea Leadsom said that she did not want to make Theresa May’s childlessness an issue. She said ‘That would be really horrible, but genuinely I feel that being a mum means…’ There’s that big old But! I hear it regularly ‘I’m not racist but, I’m not sexist but…’ Leadsom is not the only politician with big buts. There are too many big buts in politics. It distorts reality, and it damages the fabric of society.

Lying Big Buts

Leadsom’s suggestion that childless people are less capable of holding high office was insulting. Her Machiavellian manoeuvre failed. It might have worked except she denied a comment that was on tape. She should be glad we no longer behead citizens. Elizabeth I, childless monarch, would not b!

Leadsom gave the impression that she was an investment banker. But her CV is not an accurate reflection of her ‘banking career’. Her financial experience fluctuates between 25 – 30 years. Either way, in reality, she was not a banker but an administrator. Leadsom was a broker for three months. In that time she did not deal with funds or clients. Her supporter and fellow Brexiteer[1. Somebody who wanted to leave the European Union in the referendum.] Ian Duncan Smith also fixed his CV.

Boris Johnson led the Vote Leave campaign. But he wrote an article after the referendum supporting the Remain position. Johnson was a journalist for the Times. They fired him for lying. Michael Howard sacked him for lying when he was an MP. But he was sanctioned to lead the Leave Campaign.

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Brexit Big Buts

The Brexit camp trumpeted ‘We want control of our country back.’ They said it would mean accountability and democracy, unlike the European Union. Three weeks after the referendum, we’re falling apart. Racism has increased, and the Pound was down against the Argentine Peso. The concerns of the Remain camp are materialising. But there are no Brexit leaders around to be held accountable.

Brexiteers argued that leaving the EU would provide £350m for the NHS. But on winning the Leave vote, the promise like the Brexit leaders disappeared.

Michael Gove worked hand in hand with Boris during the Brexit campaign. Gove is considered a brilliant man. But he did not realise Boris Johnson was not leadership material until after the referendum?

an anvil landed on the UK saying Yes but ...| v

Political Big Buts

Theresa May has been promoted to Prime Minister. Gordon Brown became Prime Minister the same way. But both Cameron and May called for an election when he did. They said he was not the party leader at the time of the election, so he did not have a mandate.

Theresa May has the biggest but (get out of jail card) of all Prime Ministers. Should government fail under her leadership, May can always say but ‘I didn’t want to leave the EU.’

Theresa May’s has a ‘keep your head down’ and get on with the job attitude. Her reward has been the premiership. But Jeremy Corbyn engaging the same approach if facing a revolt.

The Chilcot Report confirmed what many people felt. There were no weapons of mass destruction. But Tony Blair insisted that invading Iraq was vital to world peace. He took 70% of the electorate with him. We went to war to hold Saddam Hussein to account but who is going to hold Tony Blair to account?

Politicians make the most outrageous statements, and they get away with them. We are living in an era of the biggest buts. Perhaps this explains the appeal of Jeremy Corbyn. Politicians who are less than honest or reckless about facts are accountable. We could hold politicians to account ultimately by amending the Recall of MPs Act 2015. I think it should work this way: first, an independent governing body is created to watch political marketing. A failure to comply with their standards or recommendations would trigger a petition for an MPs recall. The process would then follow the model in the Recall of MPs Act.

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