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2016 Don’t Look Back In Anger, imjussayin…

Twenty-sixteen will be a memorable year; one emblazoned on my mind because melodrama toppled pure reason. The annals of history will show it as a pivotal moment. A shift further to the political right. That was a culmination of years of blaming ‘others’ for the ills of the country. Those ‘others’ have included single mothers,… Continue reading 2016 Don’t Look Back In Anger, imjussayin…

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Three Funny Adventurous Movies For Christmas…

Here are three recommendations for movies for Christmas.  The three movies I have chosen are light entertainment, adventurous and good for a laugh. After the year we have lived through a laugh is much needed. If you feel compelled to see the movies but are too embarrassed because of the certification, borrow somebody's children. In… Continue reading Three Funny Adventurous Movies For Christmas…

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This Christmas Give The Most Precious Gift

If you are running out of shopping hours or Christmas presents ideas are in short supply (here are seven great gift ideas) then it's time to consider Christmas's most precious gift.  This present may not cost you one penny, but it will be a fortune.  It reflects the original message of Christmas: sharing and caring.… Continue reading This Christmas Give The Most Precious Gift

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NHS Privatisation – Life Without The NHS

Anybody born after 1945 is likely to take the National Health Service (NHS) for granted. It is our divine right, isn't it? Well actually no, it isn't. The NHS is a service borne of poverty, protest, and the vote. Without those actions, the NHS would not exist. Sadly, NHS privatisation is slowly but surely taking… Continue reading NHS Privatisation – Life Without The NHS

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Mediocre Student Attacks Affirmative Action

Abigail Fisher wanted to read a degree at the University of Texas, Austin (UT) so she applied. They did not accept her application because her grades were too low.  Nonetheless, Abigail was aggrieved.  She sued UT on their admission's policy claiming it put her at a disadvantage because she is white.  UT policy considers academic… Continue reading Mediocre Student Attacks Affirmative Action

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Christmas Gifts Seven Great Ideas

Ho Ho Ho, Looking for great Christmas gifts, don't look any further, we've it covered! Here are seven great Christmas gift ideas.   Sharing is caring so please Pin this Christmas gift guide. Number One Triangle And Square Open Bangle Not On The High Street £250 Solid Silver -  Timeless - Jewelry Number Two Bose QuietControl 30… Continue reading Christmas Gifts Seven Great Ideas