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Melania Trump Does Not Need Our Help

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump, Twitter has been abuzz with the hashtag #FreeMelania. The cry to help The First Lady comes from footage that shows her initially smiling. After her husband, President Trump, turned to speak to her, Melania's face appears to fall. That is not a sign that she needs help. Melania Trump… Continue reading Melania Trump Does Not Need Our Help

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Please Don’t Impeach President Trump

Please don't impeach President Trump. Don't misunderstand me. I would rather Trump were never elected. He continually uses the expression America First, the slogan of the German-American Nazi Party which identifies him as a fascist. Yet, Trump's domestic renewal ideas like infrastructure development are Democratic policies in the tradition of Lyndon B. Johnson and Franklin D. Roosevelt. That… Continue reading Please Don’t Impeach President Trump

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Trump Populism Never Ends Well Ask Africa

Donald Trump who is currently facing 75 lawsuits is President Elect. Trump is the latest in a line of populist politicians. He makes impossible promises, appeals to the basest sentiments and the forgotten voter.  But history shows that these 'champions' of the people are a portent that humans are walking blindly into another period of… Continue reading Trump Populism Never Ends Well Ask Africa

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President Obama Simply The Best

President Obama has matched and exceeded the achievements of the best Presidents. His management of the economy has outperformed Ronald Reagan's and Obama’s ideals are as admirable as JFK's.  However, where JFK took us to the brink of nuclear war, Obama has de-escalated the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  The President also sets the tone and standard for the country, and Obama is the longest serving… Continue reading President Obama Simply The Best

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Obama America’s Greatest President

Obama is one of, if not, America’s greatest President. His Presidency came against the odds, but he was a man of vision.  Obama created a flourishing economy despite being elected to office during the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression. He fought for and achieved the next steps for equality.  In the face of… Continue reading Obama America’s Greatest President

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Mindfulness And Fulfilling New Year Resolutions

It's the new year, and that spells the start of resolution season. Resolutions commonly fade in weeks, but mindfulness once mastered aids all new year resolutions to fruition. Now if you follow me on @imjussayin2 will be familiar with my practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is not some gobbledegook 'religion' that requires leaf eating and sandal… Continue reading Mindfulness And Fulfilling New Year Resolutions