Art and Culture

Is Nick Cannon Revolutionary or Reactionary?

Nick Cannon was paid millions to host America’s Got Talent (AGT) for NBC. He recently quit because he says ‘No amount of money [is] worth [his] dignity or integrity.’ The resignation followed speculation that NBC considered dismissing him after they received complaints about his humour and for bringing NBC into disrepute. Many black Americans are… Continue reading Is Nick Cannon Revolutionary or Reactionary?

Consumer Affairs

Valentine Gifts Spreading Ethical Love

Valentine Day is national love day. There is the loving in giving and the loving in the accepting. There is also love in sourcing gifts that support ethical and small business. Here are three great Valentine gifts that spread the love. Gifts that give back. After all, the day is to celebrate love. Valentine's Spreading The Love… Continue reading Valentine Gifts Spreading Ethical Love

Women's Health

Cutting Girls Is Torture – Radio Interview on FGM

Every 6 February is International #EndFGM Day.  I interviewed Mary Wandi, a key worker managing FGM on the ground.  The enlightening interview is at the end of this post. Female genital mutilation (FGM) is also called cutting because external female genitalia is cut away.  There is no medical reasons for it and occurs without anesthetic.  It happens to… Continue reading Cutting Girls Is Torture – Radio Interview on FGM

Women's Health

FGM Does Not Make A Girl A Woman -Only A Victim

In many countries, there is a culture or tradition of cutting away areas of female genitalia or otherwise damaging it. FGM (Female genital mutilation) is a culturally sensitive subject.  The practice has been handed down for centuries and is part of rites of passage and a woman's cultural identity. I don't believe that girls need… Continue reading FGM Does Not Make A Girl A Woman -Only A Victim