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Valentine Gifts Spreading Ethical Love

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Valentine Day is national love day. There is the loving in giving and the loving in the accepting. There is also love in sourcing gifts that support ethical and small business. Here are three great Valentine gifts that spread the love. Gifts that give back. After all, the day is to celebrate love.

Valentine’s Spreading The Love

Jewellery, chocolates, and candles all say I love you. These gifts pass the loving back. The list includes American and British shopping options.

rose gold earrings |

Valentine’s the artisan way
Single Mini Triangle Stud Earring £35
by Veiled Rebel.
Supporting independent  jewellers

beautiful chocolates

Valentine’s the confectioner’s way
Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels $30.00
by Heifer
Supporting small-scale farmers



Valentine’s the chandler’s way
Scented candles $55
by Starling
Providing solar energy to communities


chocolate truffles | |

Valentine’s the confectioner’s way
The Truffle Collection £11.99
by Montezumas
Supporting small-scale farmers



Valentine’s the chandler’s way
Scented candles £35
by Neom
Ethically sourced candles

Order Before 14 February!

Don’t forget February 14 is days away. So order now online and support small business and ethical business.  That way we share the love.

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