Book Review – How To Be A Ghost

How to be a Ghost (Libby Grace Mystery #1)How to be a Ghost by Audrey Claire

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How to be a Ghost: A Libby Grace Mystery 1
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In A Nutshell: A clever cosy paranormal mystery. The ghost is looking for her body! Well written and complete with a cliff hanger.

The Plot: George the owner of the local hardware store is dead. Murdered. But as Libby finds herself a ghost, her discovery of George’s body is not the same as anybody else finding him. Many questions and too few answers call for Libby to investigate.

The Protagonist: Libby is a single mother with a seven-year-old son. Libby does not give up or shy away from what needs doing: investigating if her body is dead! I look forward to seeing how her character develops.

The plot is a good idea, and overall it has translated well into a story. It’s an interesting take on a cosy paranormal mystery. There are bits where one has to suspend belief, but it’s that kind of genre.

The characters are interesting if not fully developed, leaving room for growth. Libby’s son seems smart, and his aunt Monica is particularly interesting. Monica is Libby’s best friend. She has her own story. It transpires that Monica is African-American. It’s welcoming to see a black character that does not conform to a stereotype. There is a bit of female stereotyping when Libby in ghost form goes to ‘visit’ Chief Clarke at his home. The bedroom scene plays on the masculine feminine thing.  There is humour in the book but more would not go amiss.

The book moves along at a good pace and held my interest. So, I must have been invested in the characters. I liked Ian, the mysterious neighbour who throws up a few moral dilemmas. I also like Chief Clarke, a ‘by the book officer’ with a thing for Libby.  It will be interesting to see where the story goes next.

An enjoyable read.

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