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Bread Wars

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Bread war is my story of how being right can also mean being wrong. I stopped at Lidl because it was the biggest store I was likely to pass en route home. As usual, I intended to buy just two items. And we all know how that ended. But I digress. My objection to Lidl is the same as most stores which have taken to selling bread outside of wrapping. It looks nice but it ain’t hygienic. So do you call out the person who is using their hands?

There are those in society who, despite the facility of tongs, use their hands. Worse, they use their hands while stretching over the bread at the front. Worse still, they use their hands while extending over the bread in the front and their outdoor clothes touch the produce. Oh, it can get worse. Men touch the bread at the front then stretch to the back, and all I can see is unwashed hands after using the toilet. Arghhhhh! So, the conundrum is call out and correct the behaviour or say nought? After all, the rate of hate crime has increased. And men (by the way they are not alone in the dirty practice) emboldened by Trump’s preaching are darn right rude to women.

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Bread Wars

So I was watching a man stretch over the front loaves, using his hands to select his loaf.   And in the process, his jacket sleeve brushes over the other loaves. Face, vex. I had to call him out politely.

The response, as expected ‘Stupid cow’ and ‘What has it got to do with you’. Well, let me think, I too am a customer and might just want to buy a loaf, roll, whatever. Other shoppers are witnessing our exchange of course. And they are looking at me as if I am crazy. People!Hands carry the most bacteria. Unless you have washed your hands at the bread counter, they are filthy.

Mister (I may have used the toilet but hell I will touch the loaves with my hands, and coat sleeves) moves on. And, yep I become the spectacle. But I notice nobody is buying from that bread bin.

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Anyway, who should drop a packet of cakes in front of me? Mister. You will be pleased to know the cakes (Mr Kipling’s or a copy of) are in a box. At this point, the superior person (that would be me) comments about bread and tongs. Mister gets mad and says the usual insulting things, ‘Stupid cow’ and other terms. Well, we know that certain types of white men are choice in their words. And I know he’s winding up to the big finish. So, hell I beat him to it. ‘You forgot to say fat and black’ And Mister looks at me earnestly and says, ‘Why would I say that’.

So, Mister was wrong in what he did. Perhaps he was embarrassed at being called out even if politely. But he was no swine. So although I was right, I was also wrong.

PS. Shops need to stop the unwrapped bread thing.

Oh! life

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