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Oxfam – Its Days Were Numbered And Rightly So

Oxfam is facing the decline of its all-encompassing imperial rule. It is abusive, outdated and one of the last bastions of colonialism and patriarchy.


Beware Headlines Media & Half-Truths​

Beware the headlines they are half-truths that do not necessarily represent our best interests. Rather they are following the elite’s cultural hegemony. After all the media is owned by billionaires. So, instead of protecting our democracy and liberty, the rightwing media perverts it.

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Trump’s Obliterating Black Legacy

It’s Black History Month in America. And as Black People fight for Black History to be recognised, Trump is trying to obliterate a Black legacy. Barack Obama. The Obama’s are a thorn in the side of Trump and all those with a reductionist view of Black people. A view based upon invented stereotypes of angry… Continue reading Trump’s Obliterating Black Legacy


The Presidents Club And Sleaze Balls In The New Sexual Age

The FT’s exposé of the sexual misconduct by men at the Presidents Club has resulted in ending the 33 -year-old charity event.  But many have defended the indefensible blaming men’s sexually inappropriate behaviour on the women.  Or excusing it in the name of charity. Still others, men and women, argue that ‘hen nights’ are equally… Continue reading The Presidents Club And Sleaze Balls In The New Sexual Age