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Human Rights Protect Us From May’s Government…Amen

Theresa May says that human rights prevent the deportation of immigrants because they own a cat. But actually, they protect us from Theresa May..

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Don’t Be Angry At The BBC But At Pension Injustice

Ageing white men at the BBC earning more than women and black people is hardly a surprise. Income and other inequalities based on race and sex are not a thing of the past. Away from the heady heights of entertainment, where salaries far exceed London’s average £27,000 pa lies an issue that affects most of… Continue reading Don’t Be Angry At The BBC But At Pension Injustice

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White People N***** Empty Apologies

A jolly in apartheid South Africa breaching international sanctions didn’t stop David Cameron becoming PM. The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, didn’t need to use anything as sophisticated as “Mutton-headed old mugwump” to ridicule black people. He merely described us as ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ who should be grateful that white people saved us from relying… Continue reading White People N***** Empty Apologies

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Grenfell Fire Is Not About Theresa May, It’s Much Bigger

Imagine my horror at defending Theresa May, back bencher in waiting, but the Grenfell fire is not her fault.  It is the fault of us all. The tragedy of the Grenfell fire didn’t just come out of nowhere. It began 30 years ago when Brits elected Mrs Thatcher. The country then started down the path… Continue reading Grenfell Fire Is Not About Theresa May, It’s Much Bigger

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Grenfell Social Housing Lives Matter

As predicted by the residents, Grenfell Tower a 24 storey social housing block containing 127 units is a fire damaged blackened shell. The fire was preventable by the installation of a sprinkler system during the £10m refurbishment. It would have cost thousands not millions. The impact of this major incident will be greater than those… Continue reading Grenfell Social Housing Lives Matter