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Human Rights For Women At Last?

Victims of rapist John Worboys made history in the Met v DSD with a landmark judgment. It is the second time this century women have won a significant human right. Readers may have missed it with the headlines being dominated with the Corbyn Spy lie. The dominance of the spy lie is an example of… Continue reading Human Rights For Women At Last?

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Ending Net Neutrality Silences Black Women

Black women and communities will be the biggest losers if net neutrality ends. And that comes at the expense of social justice, education and democracy. So, the Senate must restore net neutrality or the only people with voices will be rich white men.

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Women, Why Don’t We Believe Them?

The police did not believe Joanne Mjadzelic, ex-girlfriend of Ian Watkins, when she told them he might be abusing children. Instead, the police enabled Watkins to continue his paedophilic behaviour until a drug bust revealed more than narcotics. The Watkins Case tells an unpalatable truth. The police and society as a whole don't believe women or… Continue reading Women, Why Don’t We Believe Them?

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Corsets Kitchens & Advertising​

The 21st century has not seen women move very far from sexual objectification and domestic servitude. Marketing has been part of maintaining the status quo. So, advertising plays a central role in shaping how society sees women and how women see themselves. Ergo, I am happy that the Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) will be helping… Continue reading Corsets Kitchens & Advertising​