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Corsets Kitchens & Advertising​

The 21st century has not seen women move very far from sexual objectification and domestic servitude. Marketing has been part of maintaining the status quo. So, advertising plays a central role in shaping how society sees women and how women see themselves. Ergo, I am happy that the Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) will be helping… Continue reading Corsets Kitchens & Advertising​

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Melania Trump Does Not Need Our Help

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump, Twitter has been abuzz with the hashtag #FreeMelania. The cry to help The First Lady comes from footage that shows her initially smiling. After her husband, President Trump, turned to speak to her, Melania's face appears to fall. That is not a sign that she needs help. Melania Trump… Continue reading Melania Trump Does Not Need Our Help

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US 2016 Election The Politics Of Misogyny

FBI Director James Comey told the Republicans of a further investigation into the emails of Hilary Clinton.  Well, they were not Hilary's but her colleague's. An explosive media frenzy  followed. Suspiciously,  there is talk, but no detail.  Adding insult to injury, the FBI told Hilary's camp of the email enquiry after the Republicans.  The FBI's… Continue reading US 2016 Election The Politics Of Misogyny

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Black History Celebrating Patrice Banks

Black History Month is male dominated. So to redress the balance a little i'mjussayin has focused on the experience of black women. Historically we considered the achievements of Dr Georgia Patton.  Now it is the turn of a modern achiever: Patrice Banks, lady engineer, mechanic, and entrepreneur. Synopsis Patrice Banks a self-confessed 'auto-airhead'  was a materials… Continue reading Black History Celebrating Patrice Banks

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Sex: The Ultimate Shaming And Death Sentence

Tiziana Cantone (31) committed suicide in September 2016. In 2015 she sent footage of her having sex with someone to her ex-boyfriend to make him jealous.  Many say she was the architect of her misfortune. I say as stupid as her behaviour was, she was the victim of misogyny and relentless cyber-bullying which led to… Continue reading Sex: The Ultimate Shaming And Death Sentence