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Employment Boom Tory Mirage or Miracle

Theresa May brags the employment rate is at an all-time high. How can there be such high employment and yet working people are homeless and using food banks. And at the same time, the numbers of registered companies have doubled. Mircle or a mirage?


Beware Headlines Media & Half-Truths​

Beware the headlines they are half-truths that do not necessarily represent our best interests. Rather they are following the elite’s cultural hegemony. After all the media is owned by billionaires. So, instead of protecting our democracy and liberty, the rightwing media perverts it.

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Women, Why Don’t We Believe Them?

The police did not believe Joanne Mjadzelic, ex-girlfriend of Ian Watkins, when she told them he might be abusing children. Instead, the police enabled Watkins to continue his paedophilic behaviour until a drug bust revealed more than narcotics. The Watkins Case tells an unpalatable truth. The police and society as a whole don't believe women or… Continue reading Women, Why Don’t We Believe Them?

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Don’t Be Angry At The BBC But At Pension Injustice

Ageing white men at the BBC earning more than women and black people is hardly a surprise. Income and other inequalities based on race and sex are not a thing of the past. Away from the heady heights of entertainment, where salaries far exceed London’s average £27,000 pa lies an issue that affects most of… Continue reading Don’t Be Angry At The BBC But At Pension Injustice